Cinematography : Cinematography Tips For Horror Filmmakers by Richard "RB" Botto

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Richard "RB" Botto

Cinematography Tips For Horror Filmmakers

Cinematography Tips For Horror Filmmakers
Cinematography Tips For Horror Filmmakers
Horror films are all about tone, texture, and mood. Unlike many other genres that rely more heavily on other elements (dialogue, plot points, etc.), great horror films are all about style.
Andrew Sobkovich

There is much in this article that is questionable. Point #2 is a serious mistake. If you wish a scene to be dark you light it to be that way and expose it properly. Large swaths of negative space in the image combined wtih appropriately exposed areas you wish to reveal. Start with a black frame and light what you wish to see. Utilize a lot of the latitude available in the camera, so that there is more information in the image. There is also more image to work with in post should the need arise. Depending upon the camera, underexposing can put major portions of the image into a noisy questionable portion of the recording. Film Noir is great for suspense, but underexposure is not how such images are created.

Royce Allen Dudley

The author of this article has an erroneous, fundamental misunderstanding of lighting and exposure and how they are used to create low key scenes.His point #2 is well intended in spirit, buy utterly incorrect.

Nelle Nelle

You guys are bringing up good points. I'm trying to learn more about lighting as a new director. I can say that I think the images did provide the tone and mood that Fincher was going for.

Royce Allen Dudley

Yup. Nothing "underexposed". It's lit low key and correctly exposed for the intended result. Two totally different things.

Glenn Roland

For Cinematography with both low key and high key lighting that brings high production values to the screen simply and quickly, see the feature motion picture "PIGS". "PIGS" - Filmed on 35mm Eastman Color by Director of Photography/Cinematographer Glenn Roland. With an eight day principal photography production schedule on location and sound stage with great actors, dialogue, plot points, etc.. Screen "PIGS" 2k DCP Restoration on Blue-Ray from Vinegar Syndrome - available March 29, 2016 The Restoration is Beautiful!. Attended a Premiere screening last night at Cinefamily Silent Movie Theatre of "PIGS" w/Actress Toni Lawrence in person. It was terrific to see my Cinematography images on the Big Screen! Enjoy the Horror!

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