Cinematography : DIT (Digital Imaging Technician) by Krystal Alexandria

Krystal Alexandria

DIT (Digital Imaging Technician)

Is anyone a DIT? Looking for a mentor.

Wanted to learn the common workflows, equipment set up remotely because I'm learning as I go by myself after each job.

No I don't have a DIT cart. I have my MacBook, thunderbolt adapter, card readers etc. Some clients were impressed that I have a set up compared to others expecting everything to be given to them...

Let me know your thoughts. Courses, seminars, hard drives, softwares, equipment I should look into, which Pelican case should I get (right now I'm using small hard suitcase).

Rakesh Malik

You're on your way with what you have already. Definitely get your hands on some software that handles cloning, metadata management, audio syncing, and rendering that will run well on your machine, like Scratch or FireDay or Resolve (which might need a beefier GPU) if you're dealing with a lot of Red footage).

The workflow is something you'll have to figure out for each project, but you can at still come to them with a standard workflow that you can use as a starting point for figuring out what your client needs.

Some will want dailies color graded, some will want you to use a LUT, it's going to vary.

I also recommend this book, it has a LOT of information in it about DITs and workflows, and examples of DIT carts and so on:

Krystal Alexandria

THANK YOU. This is very helpful.

Rakesh Malik

No problem!

Bryan Bethke

GPU power, has many more cores then a Mac.

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