DSLR Mirrorless - Lens suggestions

I recently acquired a Sony a6000 to start up a few short videos/films. The provided lens is decent but a zoom lens, and lack the beauty of some of the primes I got used to working with a friend.

After hunting around a few websites I am a little unsure of what lenses I should aim for. Any suggestions?

Andrew Sobkovich

You are looking for high quality lenses that can be adapted to a variety of cameras, including the one you have. The PL mount is pretty ubiquitous for high end cameras and can be adapted to most others. This allows you to use the lenses in the widest range of situations. Lenses are a long term investment, think decades of use, so buy accordingly.

Robert F. Hockaday

Indeed, it has been stressing me a bit. Been staring at various prime lenses forever - also rental places.

Thanks for pointing that out on the PL lenses and adapters. I hear Metabones adapters are pretty good.

Andrew Sobkovich

Going to an APS-C sized sensor a PL mount lens should not need any optical correction. The simplest adapter would just securely mount onto the camera and provide a stable rigid mount for the PL lens 52mm from the sensor. While I've seen Metabones products, I've never personally used them so cannot comment.

Lionel Kahn

If you plan on manual focusing, you can get an adapter and go for some vintage full frame still lenses like canon FD lenses. The crop factor will be a bit different so the lenses will shoot longer (look more zoomed in). But you can get some real great lenses for cheap to play around with that way.

Rachael Saltzman

Be aware that some mounts (PL for instance) may be too deep and hit your sensor.

Robert Franklin

Always love Sony cameras!

Royce Allen Dudley

I use almost exclusively old glass on a6000, a7sII, etc. No one can figure out why it looks so unique; they either love it or hate it and it is not for everyone or every project. When I say "old" I mean 1960's era Pentax, Mamiya, Contax glass. All 30 something of them are fitted with their own Canon ring, and a simple EF to Sony mount stays on the body. When someone demands a Canon body, they go straight onto that. Old glass has variable qualities within a brand and are not necessarily color consistent or flare similarly through a range of focal lengths... remember they were made for stills. Experimentation is huge; you will find what suits you.

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