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Cinematography : Dslr! by Vicky Jay

Vicky Jay


Hey guys.. i need some advice! I planned to learn some basic camera stuffs. I need advice on the camera that's good for a beginner. I would prefer a Canon DSLR. But I'm not sure of what series. Can anyone suggest me which one? Thanks a bunch!!

Corinthian Bailey

HELLO VICKY. My first DLSR camera was the Canon EOS 600D T3i. The camera is easy to use. You can get it at a great price with all the acessories. I love the camera and still use it on many shoots. I hope this helps.

Vicky Jay

Thank you so much!! really appreciate this.. will survey about the camera. Thanks for sharing

Bridget LaMonica

Many of the Canons are very good. You can start on automatic settings to learn about composition, then graduate to manual settings and really start to get creative. Nowadays you can get a Canon T2i or T3i quite cheap, with the lenses, somewhere like eBay. They are a few years old now but one of the best early DSLRs for video work. Check out YouTube videos of samples from any camera you might want to buy, so you get an idea of the limitations.

Quentil Pompey

Well i was blessed on muotiple occasions with VHS, still cameras that shoot video and semi level, which i still work with today. If you have a specific camera in you mines eye and can afford it i say go for it! Just make sure you learn every thing i mean the very core that way as you graduate or upgrade things won't appear confusing

Tom Burton

If you can afford it, the Canon 70D is a good camera. It has the same chip as the more expensive 7D. It has a flip-out screen and autofocus during recording. It is not as durable as the 7D or the 5d Mark III, but it will give you good video.

Cerven Cotter

You might want to consider the Nikon D5000 series of cameras. The D5300 offers much more than the comparable Canon models. Take a look into it, otherwise look at the GH4 by Panasonic however it offers a smaller sensor than the Nikon D5000 series.

Duane Keaton

I use a Canon SL1 and it does well.

Vanessa Schell

I've been using the Nikon D7000 lately. It's a good camera, does what it's supposed to, but in my experience Nikon is more for photography and caters to that heavily. They have good video too, but the settings are awkward and not as easily navigable. I'd go with Canon anything, since they have better video options IMO. As stated above, the glass you use makes a huge difference too.

Joost Ahrens

I can only recommend Blackmagic if you have the money for it. They are not that much more expensive than a dslr but deliver so much more quality! Other than that I would spend more money on good glass than the camera because lenses really make the difference :)

Tony Glaser

Canons are good for when you're starting out but for the same price range, I would really start looking into Panasonic or Sony. Canon's aren't improving their tech specs as fast as these products. DSLR's still don't do 1080 60fps while the Panasonic GH4 can do 96fps and you can also film in 4K and it's 1500 dollars.

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