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Tony Martinez

DSLR Cameras

Attention cinematographers. Any recommendations for best DSLR to shoot and indie film indoors with low light?

Ken Koh

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV. I use that more then my Red One.

Jake Pasley

The 5D's lowlight is actually really good. You'll also want a fast lens.

Ken Koh

I've gotten great results using just practicals and my 1.5 50mm. That was using my old 5DMK2. The mpeg4 compression is high so you can't do much after, but the MK4 is way better.

Tony Martinez

Thanks guys!

Royce Allen Dudley

I am no fan of DSLRs for cinema, but that said, the Sony A7sII have all but replaced Canon on professional sets that choose DSLRs. If low light was not a concern, I would recommend the Panasonic GH4 or 5 with caveats regarding optics (Metabones a prerequisite).

Camille Mikem

Canon 1DX Mark II

Ken Koh

DSLRs are great and the Canon 1DX produces great images, but it also very much depends on the lens you use. Where budget is small I recommend using CP.2 T1.5 on your dslr. It's well machined and you get good gears for your focusing and aperture. Nice coating too.

J G Blodgett

If you are going to spend that much on a DSLR why not just spring for a good Cinema Camera? There are some great products on the market that will give you a fantastic picture, low light or good light, much better than any DSLR on the market, even if you have to invest in an older model. Blackmagic Cinema Cinema is pretty much the standard and it will actually be more affordable as far as a good used camera goes; then there is of course the Canon C-series (which will be more expensive like Sony). I would look into this if I were you. The biggest thing you will have to consider though is the amount of hard drives you will need to purchase, but this should be the case with any 4k footage.

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