Cinematography : FINALLY A small nice digital viewfinder camera !!!! by Victor Sunstar

Victor Sunstar

FINALLY A small nice digital viewfinder camera !!!!

I am 71 now, an olde Stargeezer - astronomer and image maker. A lady gave me a Kodak Brownie camera when I was five and I been image making ever since... Then along came the absurd disappearance of any viewfinder to place your eye to to FAST ( focus aperture shutter speed and THINK and compose...) As we all know. Holding a camera at arms length to compose in bright sunlight is ABSURD. Well amigos. I just bought the Canon G16... Its a viewfinder just like the goode olde days ! You just have to remember to compensate for parallex off set when imaging close up up close. THANK you for your nice small sane product Canon !

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Is this the camera you love so much Victor?

Victor Sunstar


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