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Cinematography : Gear! lets talk about gear! by Christopher T Guthrie

Christopher T Guthrie

Gear! lets talk about gear!

From high end to low end equipment. What gear do you need to have to put your vision on screen. (Big or Small screen). I am putting together a budget and need some ideas of what I should be asking for. I know the "RED" cameras are the 'in' thing right now. But how do they compare to High end Sonys, Canons, and of corse Phantoms? Which ones do you own or do you rent everything? We also can get into where to buy new, buy used, or rent... I would appreciate all the feed back you all can give. For now my budget is unlimited so skys the limit!

Pup Che

It depends on so many factors. It is best to talk to your DP before making a decision. http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2012/07/24/panasonic-gh2-video-bett...

Pup Che

If your budget is UNLIMITED then you simply shoot 65mm FILM. End of the Discussion!

Christopher T Guthrie

My DP is insisting on the Red. Considering the project that I am budgeting, moderate return on investment is to be expected. Though funds may be unlimited at the moment. Quotes need to be in line with the scale of the film. I am looking for feed back on the best equipment to use. I do agree 65mm film is the best but not for the scale of this project.

Erich Kemp

Hi Christopher, I've not personally shot on any of these I'm about to recommend, but I prefer the "look" of Canon's cinema cameras over any others, and have read great things from pros who use them. Of course, if an Alexa package is in your budget, go for that. Check out Shane Hurlbut's YouTube channel - lots of comprehensive tests and comparisons of cameras.

JD Hartman

No the ARRI Alexa is the "in" thing now.

Erich Kemp

It's been the IN thing for a while now... I'd say it's the standard digital cinema camera when you're talking TV and features. Of course, there are guys who stand by the RED and 35MM, but look at what at the number of productions shot on the Alexa VS RED, Sony, Canon...

Christopher T Guthrie

hence the reason I am opening up this discussion. Digital is starting to come to 'age' with the cost, equipment, and distribution. So there is a lot of noise about what is best. I am sure it comes down to what your personal preference is. Though it comes down to the age old question of what brand is better, though each of them has there good and bad points. I would love the Red but am hearing Arri alexa is the way to go at the moment.

Erich Kemp

If you'd love the RED and can afford it, then why not?

Christopher T Guthrie

I am playing middle man, and final, decision maker between my DP and Line producer. Of course the DP wants the best and newest of everything And the LP is playing 'Jacob Marly' on our ass. Both are just doing their jobs. (very well mind you) so it is up to me to find the middle. What do you all think about renting equipment rather than buying, Rent lenses buy bodies? Buy lenses rent bodies? Or just buy out right and trade up when we can? Thoughts?

Erich Kemp

Rent lenses and bodies. Camera bodies are not bad - it's all the peripherals and accessories that add up. But, others have already bought all that, ready for you to rent. Lenses will run you 5 or 10x what a camera body costs, so rent those too. REDs have been out for a few years, so you may find someone with an older RED body for a much better rate than a new Epic or Dragon.

Joost Ahrens

I think lenses are more important in creating the look and feel of the film rather than the camera body. Talk to the DP and think about what is right for the project rather than what is 'in' right now. If you get great lenses you could shoot on almost any camera and still deliver great images. I would say spend more on lenses! Just my opinion :)

Salifu Abdul Hafiz

I agree with Joost. Talk to the DP and know what is best for your project instead of what is in right now. If you invest in good lenses, you will never regret. You can shoot on every camera you want now and the future. All you need is an adapter for various bodies. And besides you will wanna shoot on a camera that can give you the look you want. So talk to your team very well. My opinion. Abdul Hafiz.

Prashant Sehgal

I think it all depends on your budget as well as your requirements! Why spend on a RED Epic when you can easily shoot a particular project even with a Canon crop-sensor camera? I own a Canon 5D Mark II Body with a dozen different lenses (Canon, Samyang/Rokinon as well as older M42 ones), and these suffice in most cases. But for some specific projects, we've rented and shot on the RED Epic ARRI Alexa, Canon C300 and others.

Royce Allen Dudley

The only gear required to produce at any level is a smartphone; it's used to locate and call experienced crew and professional gear vendors . The first call is to a UPM who will have the numbers to plug into your budget. It's a universal tool; it works for no budget and $100 million films, and it fits in your pocket.

JD Hartman

Smart phone and money.

Kris Monroe

RED is a beautiful thing when used in the hands of someone who knows how. Have you considered a Sony fs7? Way less money involved and a beautiful 4k image. I'm in love with the fs7!

Tony Glaser

For indie filmmakers on a lower end budget I think the best way to go in the camera department is Sony. Haven't been disappointed with a camera they've produced for the past couple years. I love the images it produces. The FS7 is by far my favorite so far but I'm gonna see how the FS5 stands in comparison.

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