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Aalijah Amaro


Hey everyone,

So I have a production in the works and one of the scenes requires green screen. I've done green screen before and understand the lighting procedure, I was just curious as to if anyone had any tips for green screen as far as keying or bringing in a certain effect over the green screen. I'm trying to achieve a cliff side look.


David Trotti

Have your matching plate available on set. Do a live mix in the monitor if you can to check rough position and scale. Frame and shoot a few mm wider than scale to allow for fine tuning and repositioning in Post.

Wind on the actor is a nice touch if you can get an eFan - or if sound isn't an issue even a box fan.

Give yourself enough tracking marks if you're moving the camera. If your plate is static you can still get movement by sticking with nodal moves.

Your key and color should match the lighting from the plate, so having the plate on set is a must. Depending on where the sun is in your plate, that is likely going to be your key or your rim light. A bounce off a card might be a nice matching fill. If not, supplement with a fill that feels natural for the environment. a good rim light is also going to help you with a cleaner separation from the green screen.

I like to keep the subject at least fifteen feet away from the green screen and light the chroma separately, cutting the key and fill off the screen as much as I can. Contamination isn't as big a deal as it used to be, but the cleaner the green, the easier the key will be to pull.

Aalijah Amaro

Great thanks

Royce Allen Dudley

Shoot your plates first. Otherwise, you have nothing to match subject lighting or angle to on stage.

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