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Sam Inglese

I Need a Cinematographer/DP Today

I need a Cinematographer with equipment to contact me asap to help me create a budget today for potential funding to film 7 days at the end of July. If approved, this documentary will follow 3 drivers and their $200,000 cars as they drive through Ca. stopping at hospitals to show off the cars while speaking to the public about Epilepsy. I want to set up small cameras inside the vehicles to film during transit and then 1-2 full size cameras to record people re-calling their most memorable seizure in public at the events. The Epilepsy Foundation, and Talk About It have requested a project outline by Monday. The event runs July 26-August 3. Talk to me today. Sam (847)361-4786

Bryn Pryor

Sam, feel free to email me at I'll be glad to help you out.

Sam Inglese

Bryn. Thanks for your offer. This is my vision that I need to create an outline and budget for before Monday.I need a feel for all the equipment necessary and estimated cost of rental and what must be purchased including memory chips. What equipment will the cinematographer already have including the vehicle to transport everything as we drive along through the whole experience. The cost of the cinematographer who will have to stay with the project for the whole 6-7 days and will a grip be necessary. What are your thoughts on how to best record the conversations inside the cars as they drive from one location to the next. It should be at least 100miles/day.My best thought is 3 GoPro cameras on the dashboard.One centered recording both persons in frame. 2 more. Each filming across catching one rider/drivers head off center with the outside zooming by in the background out the door window. One or two cameras to quickly set up at each location to catch interviews of the different people talking about their experiences maybe 3-5minutes each. Some handheld some on tripod. I am guessing most will be outside with the cars if weather allows. If not I still think we will be on sidewalks under overhangs.Do we need any lighting for inside the cars and do cinematographers typically have their own? I suspect they must have audio.I have not edited a project in 20 years before things were non-linear and though I have studied the new technique I have no experience or sense of time and cost for post production. I suspect I will need to hire an editor to assist me along the way. And I could use a few referrals for filming and post to place on the outline even if they will not be the final choice..... thanks. Sam Inglese (847)361-4786

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