Cinematography : Indievice - smartphone by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

Indievice - smartphone

Our friend planetMitch shared with us a cool smartphone filmmaking device, Indievice - it's a viewfinder and a lens (and more!) all in one - anyone ever use this?

Incredible new smartphone filmmaking tool will knock you off your feet! | planet5D curated digital image news
Incredible new smartphone filmmaking tool will knock you off your feet! | planet5D curated digital image news
When Barry Andersson (author of " The DSLR Filmmaker's Handbook " now in its second edition) and I were on tour almost 2 years ago (gosh was it that long?), He was constantly telling me about how theā€¦
Andrew Sobkovich

I assume you realize shooting is easier and better if you start with a camera not a phone.

Marc Morrow

I totally get that experienced cinematographers would steer clear of gadgets such as this, but I think for new filmmakers who are primarily focused on getting the story shot and need to make frugal budget choices, the phonographic options are worth considering. I love the idea of crowdfunding my potential film to a level that will allow me to have good actors and good cinematographers, but if I have to choose, I'd opt for the actors. I don't think an actor is any more valuable than the talent behind the lens, but my script couldn't be sustained by mediocre talent in front of it. I have more than reasonable photographic skill and some lovely prime lenses, and if it comes down to me filming the project myself, I think it's worth weighing up the pros and cons of systems like Iographer, BeastGrip Pro and IndieVice.

Andrew Sobkovich

The problem with adapters is that after the cost of all the "stuff" you are still shooting on a phone, with the record limitations of a phone, at best the resolution of the lens on the phone and the resolution of the sensor and image processor in the phone. For the same price you can get a camcorder that has a better record codec, a zoom lens usually between10X and 20X optical zoom, audio inputs, actual controls, and a real viewfinder so you can use it in daylight. Low budget compromises are just that. They are individual and as such people choose what they think is best for them. As it should be. For the price of an iPhone you can get an actual camera that, no surprise, greatly outperforms an iPhone as a camera. Perhaps it makes sense to use a much better tool at the same price. iPhones or consumer and prosumer camcorders are almost never a consideration at a professional level.

Juan Abad

It would be interesting to see this thing in action. And to see what can be created with it. Not saying I would buy it, but I'm sure it could be useful to the indie filmmaker.

Tivoli Silas

That's cool, but it seems to be totally pointless. It's like those old fashioned phones that you can attach to your smartphone, as you can see here:

Juan Abad

I wouldn't say that. It's just another way of shooting a project. My only concern would be how functional it is.

Royce Allen Dudley

A solution in search of a problem. Why?

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