Cinematography : Let's Talk Canon! by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

Let's Talk Canon!

2 new cameras announced... one clearly taking a stab at RED's market. What does this mean for RED and ARRI?

JD Hartman

The 5D is still a digital stills camera that happens to have the ability to record video. Former Cannon 5DmkII owners are still giving themselves dope slaps for upgrading to the 5DmkIII. I doubt they will be as easily fooled this time around.

Mark Ratering

Gonna check out that Canon C700 Cinema Camera. Tnx

Royce Allen Dudley

Being that RED is a fashion and attitude statement as much as a film tool, it's unlikely other products will draw it's fanboys away. iPhone advocates rarely switch to Samsung, Honda owners don't trade in for Nissans, San Francisco hates Los Angeles. What the market needs is fewer, better tools accepted as the norm, as when choice was Arri / Aaton / Moviecam. Can that happen ? Eventually, when they run out of both K's and audiences.

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