Cinematography : Light Meter apps for cell phone ? by Alex Richard

Alex Richard

Light Meter apps for cell phone ?

Hello, I was wondering if anybody has any expereince with any of the light meter apps out there.Do they work? How accurate are they? Ive been playing around with one of the free ones and it seems a bit off. The best answer seems to be just saving up for a real one. I Just wanted to see if anyone found an app that they Like and use on the reg.

Andrew Sobkovich

Over the last few years a couple of the kiddies have shown me light meter apps on their phones. Some were reflected readings that were not really useful but were cheap. One used a photosphere to measure incident light. Cuteand probably the most useful configuration. But save the interim cost and get the real thing. You might find used light meters to be relatively inexpensive. Think $200-$250 for a Hollywood de-facto standard Spectra IV-A. Very accurate and very reliable. Without a meter of this accuracy, a recent shoot with a Panasonic V35 where 1 footcandle was proper exposure, would have been impossible. This is a professional piece of gear that will last a long time for the price of less than 2 months of trendy coffee.

Alex Richard

Awesome thanks for the input. I will be saving my pennies.

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