Cinematography : Looking to upgrade personal equipment. Suggestions? by Brandon Marks

Brandon Marks

Looking to upgrade personal equipment. Suggestions?

Having recently graduated from film school, I am looking to upgrade some of my equipment, specifically my camera. While in school I used a Canon 60D DSLR for the majority of my film projects. The camera worked very well for me as it was small and easy to take around and when being forced to work with very small crews if any at all. Now out of school, I am looking to upgrade to a more professional camera rig. So far my interest is in the Panasonic AF-100 or the Canon C100. These cameras are the only "professional" digital cameras I have used so far, but either are better than my 60D. I do have a modest budget and I'm not looking to spend much more than about five or $6000, but I am looking for suggestions of similar cameras that other people have used and really fell in love with along with why. I look forward to hearing about all of your camera preferences within this range. Thank you! -Brandon

David Landau

The Panasonic AF-100 is a 4/3rds sensor, which means that the mm of a standard 35mm lens is doubled. Not a good thing. If you have an adapter and have lenses made for 16mm, then you'll be fine. The Sony FS100, FS700 and FS900 are great cameras and have super 35mm sensors. JVC also has a great new line of cameras out that offer live streaming. Of course there is also the Blackmagic cameras, which some love and others hate. But here's the real question - do you need a camera right now? Wouldn't it be better to work for experienced camera people and learn the trade as an AC and/or operator? Having a pro-sumer camera and no reel won't get you much, if any, paying work. If you just want a camera to learn on, get a 35mm sensor camera such as the Sony FS100 or JVC GY-LS300 and buy 35mm lenses to play with. At least you'll be working with sensors and camera options that are more common to the big budget professional cameras. Just my 2 cents. Others here will no doubt disagree .

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