Cinematography : My GL2 Cannon Video Camera by Peggy Garner

Peggy Garner

My GL2 Cannon Video Camera

I bought a Cannon GL2 from a friend but whenever I tried to get the footage off of the camera the computer does not recognize that the camera is even plugged up to it. the friend said because it is a professional camera I need to have some kind of card installed on my computer can anyone tell me what kind of card that might be please.

Royce Allen Dudley

GL2 is a 12 year old consumer mini DV ( standard definition ) camera assuming you have the right model number. Unlike newer file based cameras, you need additional hardware to ingest the footage into additional editing software. From there it can be converted to files that can be played on desktop, vimeo, youtube, etc.

Peggy Garner

Thanks Royce!

Peggy Garner

thank You!!!!

Gerard Cahill

I believe you may need the plug in from Canon. It's a free download from them and that should enable your computer to recognise and download the file. Depending of the software you are using you may also need a pug in for that as well. I know avid has a plug in for canon to be able to load it into the system. So you may need to download 2 plug ins ( both are fee ) and that should take care of that.

Peggy Garner

thank you Gerald so much. I will check into that. I really do appreciate it!

Joseph M. Armillas

You should try getting the plugin from Canon. But if that doesn't work, I had a similar problem with a Sony A65 DSLR. I got around it by purchasing a card reader (about $35.00 dollars), taking the card out of the camera and downloading the video files to my computer through the reader.

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