Cinematography : Promised (Short Film) - 2 Archangels. 1 Broken Promise. by Bulent Ozdemir

Bulent Ozdemir

Promised (Short Film) - 2 Archangels. 1 Broken Promise.

Forget Adam & Eve. Forget your understanding of the war in Heaven. Let me tell you a different kind of story. The story of a broken promise between Archangel Michael and Lucifer which threatens the birth of Man. Quite literally. Parental Guidance: Mature/Strong Language.

John Hager

Nice work, and I don't mean that in any passively dismissive way. With no budget and just the tools you had on hand, you got some really nice images. I don't know if it was a lack of lights or just you crushing the blacks, but in the shots of Michael's pov looking around the room, too much of the screen was just too black that the room lost it's shape and I didn't know what I was supposed to be looking at. Also the lack of any kind of wide establishing shot gave me no geography for the spatial relationships of the characters. Maybe that was intentional given the subject matter, but I felt a little lost in the space. I loved your edit flickering over Michael's shoulder at Lucifer in the beginning. That was really nice. Congratulations for it's success in festivals so far.

Bulent Ozdemir

Thank you for your feedback and valid comments, John. The blacks in the POV shot are a little more crushed than I would've liked, however it served the narrative purpose it was intended for as you've rightly pointed out --> not knowing what you was supposed to be looking at. Our eyes are good in the dark, but not that good as to pick out all detail and establish space in an almost pitch black environment. That and lack of any wide establishing shots were all creative choices I made in order create a disorientating and claustrophobic experience for the viewer. That was the aim at least. Thank you once again.

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