Cinematography : Prop Money by Ron Kawatsky

Ron Kawatsky

Prop Money

Howdy. I wanted to reach out for any thoughts or help relative to a scene with Prop Money. Any tips, thoughts, pitfalls, recommendations you'd be kind enough to share with us? Thanks so much!

Royce Allen Dudley

Stacks of cash or briefcases full are often blank paper cut to size with one printed bill on the top.. could be real $1 bills if not closeup. You can rent / buy the stuff too, google "Motion Pictute Money" which is what it actually says on the face of the bills. It's also not as green as play money; neither is real cash. DO NOT color copy real money. Regardless of your intent, thats a crime that can get you hard time. I've seen people do it. Not smart. Also there are interesting stories about the fake cash printed in making the movie TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. on the DVD commentary tracks. The set dresser's kid tried spending it at the corner store and the FBI almost shut down the movie because of it.

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