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Cinematography : Red Weapon 8K by Jake Pasley

Jake Pasley

Red Weapon 8K

Anyone has experience with this?

Ken Koh

I will be testing it next month at red hq will send you links.

Andrew Sobkovich

Ken if you are testing it make sure to test resolution in both "8K" and "4K" settings. The actual resolution at the end of the post path is what you have, counting photosites on the sensor is not. As you are shooting at RED make sure to bring your own charts and meters. Also test for native ISO, noise, etc.

I have not tested this camera.

Ken Koh

I'll definitely be comparing 4k vs 8k. But I'm most interested because I was emailed about the low light capability. It won't be a proper full day test, my interest is using it for future documentaries. I'm using whatever lens they got there. They don't have charts? I'll find out.

Andrew Sobkovich

Its RED. If you bring your own charts, meters, lenses, etc, you KNOW what you are using. If you can, bring enough storage for all of your material. Oversee the transfers and note the duration of the process for the running time of the footage.

For low light, nothing currently is even close to the image quality from the Panasonic V35 shooting in 5000asa native mode.

At the very least shoot your resolution chart. That way you will be dealing in real information.

Ken Koh

OK, I will do that. Never knew about the V35 low light is there is link you send me?

Andrew Sobkovich

Ken you can use the official page as a starting point.


At 5000asa, a T2.0 lens shooting at 24fps and 1/48th of a second, 1fc is full exposure. it is astounding. With great color and over 14 stops of latitude. It is worth testing just to see what it looks like on a real 4K monitor as opposed to a computer monitor with an internet feed.

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