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Vitale Justice

Rokinon Cine len's

Not all of us can afford the high end cinema len's myself being one of them so in my search I ran across Rokinon Cine lens has any one used them? what did you think of them I don't expect a 500 dollar lens to compete with a Canon Cinema lens costing thousands just wondering if they are decent

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Here's a pretty good video from Steve Oakley about the Rokinon Cine that might be helpful:

Vitale Justice

I' went ahead and ordered the 85mm T 1.5 everything I've seen leads me to believe that if your broke like most of us are that these lens's are a good option

Jonathan S. Abrams, Soc

There are some new one's coming out for Cinema. Called Cineons or something like that. They are a good bang for the buck. Everything I have shot with regular Rokinons in the past are fine.

Vitale Justice

The Regular Rokinon Cine lens are working just fine, I have ring gears to fit most of my standard kit len's for my follow focus that's not an issue. and so far using my matt box with my Rokinons have not been an issue either.

Landis Stokes

Late to this feed but I'm a fan of the Rokinon Cine lenses. Did some b-roll for a cable show with the 16mm, 35mm, 85mm lenses on a 7D. They were rentals but convinced me to invest in some for future work with my Fs700. So far I have the 14mm and prefer it over my manual Nikon primes with strap-on follow focus gears. For the price, you could do worse and I believe a couple of them are cheaper now.

Jonathan S. Abrams, Soc

Rokinons are fine. There is a new Xeen or Xeene line for cinema. For the money, they are bad ass. IF you can afford it, the Leicas are nice too. Everyone has a preference, but it depends on the project and budget. Certainly the Cabrios will look different too, but for the money, the Rokinons perform well.

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