Cinematography : Rokinon cinema primes? by Stephen Eastwood

Stephen Eastwood

Rokinon cinema primes?

I know they are geared still lenses, but the matched color makes me wonder if it's worth it, I currently have all eos lenses, but am switching to Sony a7sii, a7rii, so I may keep to an eos mount but would not mind a full set dedicated to video. I'm looking at the 24, 35, 50, 85 t1.5 kit and 135 t2.2

M L.

Are you talking about the new Rokinon Xeen's ? If you're going for those, my suggestion would be to get them in a PL mount and then just buy a PL mount for whatever camera you get. PL is a universal mount for all cameras and it's a safer investment for glass to go with that mount than something specific to a manufacturer. Especially when buying a whole set.

Andrew Sobkovich

As Michael wisely stated, go to PL mount lenses. In terms of colour, you can match the colour tint of all the lenses with the push of a button. White Balance. Or, with am automatic or preferably manually corrected reference card. When we shot film, lens colour was an issue. Lenses have other attributes, so determine the things you like and get lenses with those qualities. Better to shoot with 1 lens you love than stare at a case of lenses and shrug.

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