Cinematography : Ronin + FS700 by Hasitha Warnasooriya

Hasitha Warnasooriya

Ronin + FS700

Have anyone tried a FS700 on a DJI ronin together? any tips or advises?

Collin Enstad

Hey there, I have used the FS7 and on the ronin, and have used the fs700 a couple times. The two cameras are pretty similar so I will give you my exoperience with the fs7. You need a light lens. The body is so big that you have to push it back all the way just to have a chance at balancing it. A prime lens is really the only way to go. It gets even more challenging if you want to plug cables into the back of the camera, as it will hit the ronin crossbar when trying to move a certain way. Also, the whole rig is really heavy. I suggest an external monitor to mount on the top bar (where you hold it). We've gotten it to work perfectly, but the big thing is a light lens. Good luck!

Hasitha Warnasooriya

thank you so much Collin Estand. glad you briefed me about the fs7 because im actually going to work with it now. will share the work once its done. thank you.

Greg Steinmetz

One of the tricks to balancing the bigger, especially longer cameras like the fs700 is the use of weights adhered to the back to use longer/heavier lenses. We typically like to make the weights practical too, ie; lipo batteries. Hope that helps some.

Pascal Le Comte

Hey, I' producing a feature ( on which we had a number of shots with the Ronin and FS700. Balancing it out took a bit of tweaking, we also had the problem that we usually recorded onto an Odyssey 7Q, which didn't fit when using the Ronin (because of the cable connectors, like Collin mentioned above) so we had to record on the FS700's card. We used Samyang lenses which worked great.

Hasitha Warnasooriya

thanks everyone. i did the shoot and faced few problems. specially the balancing part. couldn't fit anything except the camera itself and the assistant came with the ronin rental didn't know the password for adjustments and had to go through a lot of hassle to pull it off. it came out nice as i worked with it the first time. thanks again for tips.

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