Cinematography : Shoot in Car by Aamir Anjum

Aamir Anjum

Shoot in Car

I am planning to shoot a complete short in a car. There are primarily two characters who are travelling during the night. Can you help with any of experiences or references that might help me with shot selection. What I am looking for : 1. Types of shot to be avoided 2. Its a low budget short, hence forget the trolley. So Whats the Poor man's method for this shoot 3. Equipment that I should hire 4. Lighting do's 5. I plan to have some insert shots of the city or if possible want to have the city as a character . How should I proceed 6. Any other advice from your side Thanks .

Glenn Roland

Hi Aamir. Put picture car in dark parking lot. Keep the car parked and have grips rock the car as talent pretends to move steering wheel and self. Camera should have some movement panning and tilting a little to add the the moving car effect too. Lighting should be low key from dash light source and moon light backlight/kicker. use other light sources as if from other car headlights and/or street lights passing and alternating on and off into car interior. Also use moving car(s) headlights that come from the back and around parked picture car as if it is passing or on coming. If you have a front on camera angle on your talent you will see the car headlights in the rear window in back of talent as car comes from the back and passes around the car. Same for a camera angle from the back of talent you will see on coming car headlights passing by as if in the on coming traffic lane. Keep it simple and this is a cost effective way to get high production values to the screen. You can film your scenes without a moving picture car w/talent, camera car and car mounts on a moving car which you don't have a budget for. "Break A Leg!" with your short filming and everything else you are doing. Please keep me in mind when you need a Director of Photography in the future. Check out... UP FROM THE DEPTHS: PIGS (New 2k Restoration w/ Toni Lawrence in person!) Peace and Best regards, Glenn

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