Cinematography : Shooting with the Sony A7 by Richard Teodorczyk

Richard Teodorczyk

Shooting with the Sony A7

Should I embrace this camera, or loathe it? Cheers.

Harold Erkins

Embrace it. It's a great tool depending on your job. What are you using it for?

Joe W Miracle

Could the Sony A7 be characterized as an run and gun camera? Or would you have some ideas on a camera for shooting a documentary?

M L.

I never trust DSLR's as many are prone to overheating and random shutdowns. May not be a problem on a narrative where the takes are short but on a documentary or interview, DSLR's can be a headache.

Richard Teodorczyk

A camera for a series.

Richard Teodorczyk

Seems to be excellent in 1080 mode. But stutters in 4K. Not a problem.

Royce Allen Dudley

It's a good still camera and an amateur video camera capable of good images in the right hands under some conditions. It's not a tool anyone would use as an A-camera on anything serious, particularly with camera movement or action in shot. For controlled interviews aimed at the web and night doc work it can be brilliant.

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