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Stephen Crawford

Steady Images

What is the best way to get low steady shots without spending tons of money on something like a Ronin? Would one of those handels that you attach via tripod mount work well? I have attached an image of one if you do not know what I am talking about.

Nelle Nelle

Hey Stephen, I'm not a DP myself but I did a little digging to try to help you out. Here's a link to an article that you might find helpful: From what I've gathered that handle you posted would be a solid option. Let me know if it works out for you!

Hasitha Warnasooriya

Stephan, all depends on how you want your visual treatment to be. ex: you want your treatment to look like a track movement; you can get a small slider instead of a trackdolly. Since you're going with DSLR you can always get a small viewfinder eye piece to fix on your LCD screen. which gives you not only a proper view under any light condition, it will make your hand held shots much steadier. If you are willing to do DYI, you can always find videos on youtube people make stuff on their own. since you mentioned ronin, you can always get a good'ol glide cam. with just the handheld gimbal part without body support. it would give you smooth shots as long as you can hang on to it. once i made a rig for 5D mark iii with a steering wheel which i removed the stuff in. the middle, welded a iron bar across and drilled few holes to fit the camera. which gave me steadier shots and i made some trick shots which i rotated the camera as i was moving in and all. didn't cost me much.

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