Cinematography : The 2010s in cinema by Cynthia Garbutt

Cynthia Garbutt

The 2010s in cinema

Cinematography of the 2010s via


Royce Allen Dudley

Thanks for sharing that. I was surprised; it's a great, flowing look at the wide variety of formats, aspect ratios and creative approaches that make up the very best of the craft today; something in which we can all find inspiration to better our own efforts, whatever the level.

Kevin Deane

That was cool and inspiring. Made me want to grab my camera this afternoon and shoot something or someone. Thanks.

Karen "Kay" Ross

Ooo, fun! Thanks for sharing! Are you using this for inspiration? What's up next for you?

Cynthia Garbutt

Not for inspiration really, I've had a love affair with film and photography since childhood. My grand uncle was a portrait photographer with his own studio and I worked as one, for 2 years. But, my passion is writing. My next project for 2021 is, finishing my novel (I'm 1/2 way) that begins in the 1800s to the present (kinda like, Legends of the Fall). It's a family saga about the greed of the Yukon Gold Rush. I was inspired to write it, after working in beautiful, awesome, and amazing, Alaska. And learning about Russian culture up there from my Russian and eastern European colleagues on the cruise ship we worked aboard when I was a photographer. But, I need a more writing-friendly environment. Writing a novel requires a different frame of mind and space, then a screenplay. So, I'm working on greenlighting screenplays I've completed and rewrote in, 2020.

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