Cinematography : The Seasons - Timelapse Reel 2013 by Alastair Dixon

Alastair Dixon

The Seasons - Timelapse Reel 2013 This film has been in the making for over a year, using my Canon 5D Mark II and GoPro Hero3 Black Edition cameras. Most of the footage was captured during vacations; some on day trips. I have a passion for landscape photography and cinematography in my spare time. It was this passion that ultimately made this project so much fun to create. Video Soundtrack: “He Had a Good Time” by “Cliff Martinez” I have gained so much enjoyment from watching these landscapes lapse in time, and learned so much from taking these images and editing them, that I know my next timelapse reel will only be better :) Please like if you enjoy it :)

Jose Sarmiento

Hey Alastair, I really enjoyed your reel. I've done some timelapses in the past as well and find them fascinating. I'm shooting some timelapses for my film "I Dreamt Bliss" in March and would love to talk to you a little more.

Alastair Dixon

Thanks Jose, What kit are you going to be using?

Jose Sarmiento

I'll be using the Canon 5D Mark III and will be renting some lenses. I still need to get an intervalometer though. And as for the post-production process I'll be working on a Mac so I don't know which program (hopefully a free one, haha) can do HDR.

John Hager

Great stuff! every time I see time-lapse I get inspired to get out there and try it. I even downloaded an intervalometer for my iphone to control my 7D. I kind of don't have an excuse now except it's still cold out. :) Thanks for the post!

Karen Keslen

Woah! AWESOMENESS! One of most beautiful videos I've seen. I will keep it in mind for inspire me on write. Really great!

Alastair Dixon

Thank you John, Richard and Karen. Very kind words!

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