Cinematography : Thoughts on the 5D Mark II? by Alec Ziff

Alec Ziff

Thoughts on the 5D Mark II?

Hey Cinematographers! I recently directed the music video below. We shot it with the Canon 5D Mark II. I was looking for thoughts on the 5D and how we used it in our video? Thanks!

Tom Williamson

Really well done. Depth of field adds so much to a shot.

Jason A. Wallace

1st off, the project looks good, what kind of CC did you do? As in, did you eye footage or Vector, or…? Also, I've used 7D, 5D M2 & 3 and the difference (besides an inferior sensor) has been mostly in the DP's use of lighting, the focus pullers abilities and CC…CC…CC…CC..CC!

Guclu Aydogdu

I can tell that there have been some good quality lenses used in this project! :)

Andre Hunt

Watched with the sound off. You should preface how you used the camera; settings, filters, depth of field, sharpening, etc. it never looked like you pushed it past it's limits, and I never noticed any noise in dim areas. Story line is pretty "safe", but you didn't ask about that.

Dorian Cole

Nice photography. Nice story, told well. Liked the split screen. I don't think you can't go wrong with the 5d, as long as you stay within its limitations. It's being used by pros as secondary cameras, and in some cases, as in Act of Valor, the primary camera. And you can do a lot in post production, like softening the image and sharpening colors.

Andre Hunt

I have never heard the phrase sharpening colors in my life till now.

Ken Koh

NIce. Santa Monica Pier I used to live there. You should checkout film convert. It works really well with the 5d to make it look more filmic.

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