Cinematography : Top Swiss cinematographer Felix von Muralt discusses the merit of smartphone cameras by Si Horrocks

Si Horrocks

Top Swiss cinematographer Felix von Muralt discusses the merit of smartphone cameras

Interesting discussion. Does it matter what we shoot our movies on?

Juan Abad

Thanks for sharing! I think it depends on the kind of project your working on. Short films and music videos can work well on a phone. And I believe there are feature films shot entirely on a phone. But it's not always the way to go. One thing I know about shooting on a phone is color grading is not as flexible as a DSLR shot on a flat profile. And if you want to color your scene, you'll at least want the footage to be flat. The footage you'll get on a phone will have been processed and "graded" for you. Every tool has its purpose.

Si Horrocks

Yes, good point Juan

Dan MaxXx

the Industry would lose money. Think about camera rental houses, grip, lighting, trucks, support equipment, post facilities. they all got to make money. cell phone is a gimmick.

Si Horrocks

You mean rental houses would lose money Dan? True, but then digital tech has cost many old style business money - music, film, printing, the list goes on. That's not a reason not to use it. Cell phone cameras are not a "gimmick" - in fact people said digital was a gimmick and film couldn't be replaced. Turns out they were wrong. Even film, at its invention, was considered a gimmick - and that theater was the "real deal". Phone cameras are improving in quality all the time.

Christopher Binder

These days as long as you have a way to capture an image in high enough resolution, you can just do the rest in post to be honest. Not the preferred way but, it is possible.

Pat Savage

I shot my last music video with my I Phone 6 and it has just passed 75,000 views. I agree with Si just look at the history of film and innovations leapfrogging over each other..

Juan Abad

Mind showing us the music video, Pat?

Mark Ratering

I'll say it once I'll say it a million times...always impressed interiors lower light can leave the exteriors except for "once in a while shot" at home. But you did a good job. Just those contrasts.

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