Cinematography : VJ in LA? by Julia Dibbern

Julia Dibbern

VJ in LA?

Hi everybody,

I am paying you a visit from the writers section.

A colleague of mine is looking for a VJ in Los Angeles to record some interviews. Any idea wher she could find a database or something like that? Or recommendations?



Royce Allen Dudley

Can you clarify "VJ"? You mean like the old MTV personalities?

Landis Stokes

Hi Julia. There is no official database, that I am aware of, for Video Journalists. We all freelance and check into various sites, like this, for work postings and networking. Depending on what her specific needs are, I might be able to help.

Julia Dibbern

Royce Allen Dudley, sorry for not getting back earlier. Everything was very busy here. As Landis Stokes wrote. VJ here = video journalist. Again, sorry. Basically it needs to be somebody who can operate a camera and a microphone, I guess. ;-)

Landis Stokes I'll write you a perseonal message.

Royce Allen Dudley

Never heard those initials used that way, even having done the job per se many times. Who knew?

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