Cinematography : What kind of camera for outdoor shooting? by Jakub Micuch

Jakub Micuch

What kind of camera for outdoor shooting?

Hey guys, how are you? I'm going to shoot some outdoor scenes (hiking etc) so I would like to choose some good device to do this job. Do you have any recommendations? I think best would be combo with Ronin M, so it should be something small. But what about RAW codec? Not sure if h264 is good solution. Don't want atomos combo (need to complete set weight get into 2-3kg) Also I would need audio (but this may be done through zoom recorder)

Any recommendations would be really appreciated. ;)

Jakub Micuch

Just now I found new Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. But it has MFT sensor. Do anybody here have experiences with this sensors? What do you think about that camera?

Andrew Sobkovich

The 4K BlackMagic Pocket camera will not be available until September (or maybe later). All there is now are some prototypes that will probably change in specification before release. It seems like a very nicely featured camera for a low price, including an actual 4K codec. I have many questions but will wait until I can have a quiet talk with one of their camera specialists. Gotta wait for the production version of the camera and testing it before any discussion of what it can or cannot do well is possible.

The sensor is seemingly the Sony sensor that is used in the Panasonic GH5S but that too will have to wait to be confirmed. If so that is a very good thing. I am looking forward to seeing this one.

Diane Knight

We shot on a black magic mini ursa recently and l was really impressed with it, although they have just updated and now taking pre orders for the new black magic pocket which seems to be an upgrade for a whole lot cheaper!

Jakub Micuch

Yes BMD could release it late this year. Not good I would need it in may/june.. But it looks really good for now. With EF speedbooster it could be really nice piece.

URSA mini has body weight 2,3kg it would be too heavy and too big if I'll add there all the accessories.

I am thinking about Kinefinity Terra 4K. That coould be pretty solution. Weight is just 990g and it's going on SSD's what is better solution as CF cards i think (price vs. capacity)

Diane Knight

I haven't experienced the Kinefinity Terra 4K, so wouldn't like to comment? hopefully someone else will be able to add some insight...x

Rakesh Malik

Black Magic cameras work well for outdoors, thanks to their wide dynamic range and relative compactness. Never mind that they're also inexpensive. :)

I've only been able to play with the Kinefinity cameras on the NAB show floor. They're hard to find in the US, unfortunately, because they seem like great cameras.

The Ursa Mini cameras are excellent.

Jakub Micuch

Kinefity is chinese company from what I am little afraid if I have to say true. But recently they added some dealers in Europe. I don't know.

These days I am thinking about ursa mini pro. Looks interesting.

Alex Darke

Any of the DSLR options would do the trick. The GH5/GH5s or A7s options are good. Whatever you choose, I would suggest renting or buying a variable ND filter so you can open up your lens and get some depth of field while outside. That is one of the crucial elements for creating cinematic daytime exteriors.

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