Cinematography : feature shot on a Prius back-up camera by Andrew Sobkovich

Andrew Sobkovich

feature shot on a Prius back-up camera

Behind the scenes of a feature shot on a Prius Back-up camera. Wonderful! Amazing!! Spectacular.!!! Reveals a whole lot of truth between the lines :-)

JD Hartman

Last year we shot a behind the scenes video using the backup camera on the Grip truck on the small feature I worked on. Cast interviews, Directors commentary, the whole nine yards to be included when the film eventually gets released on DVD. Sadly an injury sustained by one of the actors and the resulting litigation, means the feature may never see the light of day. Never disable the backup warning alarm on any vehicle! Nothing more dangerous than a 5 ton grip truck chasing an actor down the street in reverse! No shot is worth a human life.

M L.

This sketch comedy could actually be a PSA about the horror of dealing with no budget filmmakers. Brilliant. Even if it is a little long.

Nelle Nelle

This is hilarious! Thanks for sharing. And dang, JD that sounds extreme.

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