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2017 Scorsese TV Special

Documentary about the career of Martin Scorsese.


There best DSLR out ther now is the Sony A7s, it’s a full width sensor with incredible capabilities of low light, I personally own One and the flexibility is amazing. You can put just about any Lena on it. Shoots also at 120fs... hope this helps...

The Camera

History of the camera. Interesting.

History of the camera - Wikipedia
History of the camera - Wikipedia
The history of the camera can be traced much further back than the introduction of photography. Cameras evolved from the camera obscura, and continued to change through many generations of photographi…
2 weeks internship wanted in Germany in 2019

Sneaking in here again from screenwriting. My son needs to do this school internship thing in February 2019 (Elftklasspraktikum, the Germans will know what this means). He is smart and creative (I know, I am biased, but really, he is), and knows his way with cables. He is also pretty good with photog...

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Article about Legendary Cinematographers.
The 30 Greatest Cinematographers of All Time
The 30 Greatest Cinematographers of All Time
In common belief, the only job of a Director of Photography is to shoot accurately whatever happens in front of the camera. That is an unfair assumption. One of the main figures in a production―and…
Any Chicago based DP's around?

Hi, I have just finished a short that I've written and would like to meet talented DP's hopefully with his/her own camera, not a deal breaker) to help put my script on the screen. I would like to make the short in August. Just waiting on studio availability. Thank you

Classes and advice re: cinematography.

I hope this helps some people! Thx!

Global Cinematography Institute - Teachers
Global Cinematography Institute - Teachers
See the impressive line-up of faculty and guest instructors at Global Cinematography Institute. Learn from the best at GCI.
Cannes Film Festival

Jut saw Wonderstruck at the Cannes Film Festival. Amazing cinematography! I love the concept and the tone of the picture, very well executed. Well done Todd Haynes!

Forced Perspective [HINTS NEEDED]

Hello! I'm kind of newbie here in this Stage 32 network, so I'm sorry for any misuse of the website. I'm a brazilian filmmaker, currently working on an expressionist short movie about some cocaine-addicted guys, and I want to take a shot where two of the characters are walking down a dark road, only...

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Stocking Stuffer from American Cinematographer!

In the spirit of the season, here’s a little stocking stuffer: a treasured archival interview with the late Haskell Wexler, ASC, from all your friends at the American Society of Cinematographers and American Cinematographer.

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