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Cannes Film Festival

Jut saw Wonderstruck at the Cannes Film Festival. Amazing cinematography! I love the concept and the tone of the picture, very well executed. Well done Todd Haynes!

Forced Perspective [HINTS NEEDED]

Hello! I'm kind of newbie here in this Stage 32 network, so I'm sorry for any misuse of the website. I'm a brazilian filmmaker, currently working on an expressionist short movie about some cocaine-addicted guys, and I want to take a shot where two of the characters are walking down a dark road, only...

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Stocking Stuffer from American Cinematographer!

In the spirit of the season, here’s a little stocking stuffer: a treasured archival interview with the late Haskell Wexler, ASC, from all your friends at the American Society of Cinematographers and American Cinematographer.

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Using the sony AX100 for night shots and low light

I'm planing on shooting a short film and am going to use the Sony AX100 the film is 100% at night or on green screen are there any cameras that are better for what I'm shooting for the same price? i would like it I'm 4K and it has to be small

Wexler vs The Union

Good read about Safety on set and Haskell Wexler: #indiefilm #supportindiefilm

Star Wars Episode IX

This just made my day. And I thought Rogue One was gonna look good.

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Production Team positions prints

Hi, who may be interested - there are prints of Film Crew positions on #Redbubble #filmcrew #productionteam #dimarinadesign #printsesign...

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Drone question

Hey Stage 32 community, an organization I'm volunteering with is looking to purchase a drone to follow around a politician, film it, and be capable of carrying and dropping props. Any advice on drones/devices that are capable of this? Thanks!

IKAN EC1 Gimbal

Hi everyone, Check out the IKAN stabilizer. Question, can this replace all or most of camera set up for moving shots?