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What's new with everyone?

Brian Alan DeLaney

Just trying to get some tracks done for a few projects. How about you?

Jonathan Price

Messing around with some rustic and renaissance sounds from 8dio's Misfit Bundle, Cinematique Instruments, Realitone, and ERA II:

Meraxes Soneu

I met a director in my small village during a trip to see my family and I'm scoring a short film now. :-D :-D

Jacob Schweitzer

Working on some lyrics for my musical. What about you?

Brian Alan DeLaney

Jonathan Price, when you are working with renaissance and similar period music, do you like to work in other temperaments like just intonation or Pythagorean? Meraxes Soneu, it's crazy how sometimes things work out like that. What's it about? Jacob Schweitzer, nice! Lyrics are really hard for me.

Jonathan Price

Hey Brian, I'd like to work with different temperaments someday...maybe if I'm composing actual renaissance-style music. The cue above is only appropriating some of the sounds, but it's doing it's own thing stylistically. I've been working on some tracks using the 432Hz tuning. I'm not sure if I buy the whole human/water-resonation pitch, but I've listened to some music in that tuning and even experienced a body-resonating pack tuned to a factor of 432Hz, seemed very chill. I figured why not?

Jacob Schweitzer

Brian Alan DeLaney I just get random bursts where I can write, it's never like "at 4:00 today I'm gonna finish act one's lyrics" it all depends on my current state of mind!

Meraxes Soneu

Brian Alan DeLaney well, I had known the guy for about 15 years. Some friends met in a bar just to catch up and it turned out he was recording. It's about a boy's trip to Portugal and how his perspective changes along the road. What about your projects? What are you doing right now?

Joel Irwin

I am in the midst of scoring films for the 168 film festival which happens in LA last weekend in August. Last weekend I finished scoring the documentary "The Door" about two girls killed by a DUI in Peublo, CO and the ensuing large crowd and religious follow up.

Over the next two days I am going to finish, "The Last Command" about an old sea captain who passes on and leaves possessions which his descendants fight over but it focuses on his most prized possession left to his grandson. This is why I checked here a week or so back about getting a "Tin / Penny Whistle". This was my first foray into Irish/Scottish music. I am associating that Whistle with appearances of the Captain and the music will sound very much like Titanic or perhaps even Celtic style. I realized in the last few days not only did I need to purchase a Tin/Penny Whistle from Ventus but I needed other celtic/irish/scotish instruments such as an Irish Fiddle and perhaps even Bagpipes. So I also went ahead and purchased Big Fish Audio Celtic Instruments. This enabled me yesterday to write my first "Jig". Now Big Fish also has a tin/penny whistle but it is nowhere near the sophistication of Ventus. I found it quite simple to manually create the articulations I needed with Ventus.

My final of the three scored films, "The Ring" will be scored starting next weekend. It just finished shooting today.

Then in the first week of June is my annual participation in scoring a film for the 48 hour film project here in Houston.

Brian Alan DeLaney

Jonathan Price, I really like changing tunings when the piece calls for it. One of the first pieces I ever wrote was written for just intonation. Jacob Schweitzer, I feel you. I try to write everyday, but sometimes it just isn't working. Meraxes Soneu, sounds interesting. Right now I am working on themes for a horror-host (think Elvira) style show, and a pretty brutal horror feature. Joel Irwin, sounds like you've got a lot on your plate right now.

Meraxes Soneu

Joel Irwin Wow, you're busy right now! :-D Brian Alan DeLaney what do you guys think about samples combined with classical (or more conventional) instruments? If adding or removing one instrument from a band can totally change the colour, the options seem to be huge (I'm just learning about electronic and wondering the options).

Brian Alan DeLaney

Meraxes Soneu, do you mean adding electronics to traditional acoustic instruments, or recording live instruments and adding them into sampled sounds? I know, given the option, I would use all live instruments (gotta put those conducting classes to use sometime), but I realize that it isn't always economically feasible. Most of what I do is in the box, with samples or whatnot, but if I need to, I will record something live and add it in. As far as electronic instruments go, I love adding synths to stuff, or even doing fully electronic pieces.

Meraxes Soneu

Brian Alan DeLaney Well, recording live instruments is always the ideal option but, as you say, it's usually too expensive for most budgets (the vast majority of times I work with samples). I meant creating your own instruments with synths and making them interact with "traditional" instruments (either live recorded or samples). In my humble opinion that's a way to "complete" an orchestra and to potentially create entire new styles. I like the idea of having all doors of future music open in front of me when I open a synthesizer.
Btw, sorry for the delay, have a great day :-)

Joyce Kettering

I recently launched a YouTube series called the MLM Morning Sessions. The pitch is simple:

30 minutes to write a track with a beginning, a middle and an end.
Once a day. Every single day.
Sometimes it will sound great, sometimes it will sound terrible.

It took a couple of weeks to adjust but I think I got the hang of it now although I'm sure it won't be all smooth sailing from here! haha

What about you Brandi?!

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