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Joel Irwin

Compose For What You Have

In a few places here I mentioned what my current composition teacher keeps telling me - write not for the instrumentation you want to, write for the performers that are available. I know many here will not compose at no charge - well perhaps I have taken that one step further. It is nearly impossible here in Houston to get a full orchestra to perform my works without someone to 'bankroll' the costs. So I have been writing music for years played by a Jazz "Big Band" which is the largest ensemble I found willing to perform my scores. Once I had a original full orchestra arrangement for a Christmas song I co-wrote performed. A few weeks ago, I was working on the theme for the next film I am scoring "Between The Lines" (which finishes shooting at the end of Oct). A friend of mine also a student in Jazz improvisation class I take also teaches middle school in the Katy, TX ISD asked me to write a piece for her 35 to 40 student string orchestra. I decided while I was waiting to create a string orchestra version of the theme which I called "Mosaic". Has a sort of 'cinderella feel' to it. Should get performed live in May, 2015. They'll get their parts in a week or two so they can begin learning and practicing. Now on to the next arrangement - a piano centric version since the filmmaker loves piano music :)

Alessandro Ponti

"Write for the performers that are available" is a great piece of advice. Along film and game work, I have started writing jazz pieces for the sextet I am working with (I am keyboardist with them). And it's great to have your music performed, whether it is a small combo or a big band. You get a wonderful feedback in a profession that it is done sometimes in loneliness. And congrtulations for your piece, Joel!

Joel Irwin

Guys, I can only speak for myself, but as a big a 'high' I get from hearing my music on the silver screen, I get a bigger high from listening to it performed live.

Alessandro Ponti

That's an artistic experience not to ignore: live sound waves...

Robert Broad

I know what you mean Joel, although I didn't compose it, it was a great buzz hearing a song I recorded open Guardians of the Galaxy.

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