Composing : Composer for Worlds First 2nd Person Narrative Experience Film by Dan Tonkin

Dan Tonkin

Composer for Worlds First 2nd Person Narrative Experience Film

SURVIVOR, Shooting 27th - 29th November - Initially inspired by Edward Packards 'Choose Your Own Adventure' publications the story follows Tanya Hayes, the worlds first female U.S Navy Seal trainee to enter a new training platform that strives to test her will in ways she couldn't have anticipated, whilst haunted by the memory of her late brother, John, killed in action, although remaining fairly enigmatic its not sure if he's there to harm or help her... Or in this project's case... YOU, the viewer. I need to compliment the experience with some great composition. I AM in the lineup for the IdeasTap young innovators funding but otherwise, myself, cast and crew are working for free... AGAIN! Yes, I know... But given that we're going after trying to redefine an entire medium here than just tell a new story, its worth it. Do you fancy it?

Michael O'Neill

Hi Dan,if you go to my website then go to Music then TV & Film Music and Sound Design / Ambient Cues you'll find many more samples than are not on my Stage 32 Reel

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