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Ambrose Freeman-Toole


How much music do you guys tend to put out a year? I have averaged about 50 minutes a year for the past ten years or so.

Joel Irwin

That is sort of a subjective thing - depends on what type of films the composer is scoring and how much music the film needs. It also depends on whether the person is just scoring films or doing other commissioned work. It also depends on whether the music is written down or improvised (in which case it is a single lead sheet that could be played for 2 minutes or 10 minutes, for example). Perhaps one could also measure, number of imdb entries, or number of personal awards or number of awards earned by a film. (BTW. I know I am 'ranting' :) ). Sort of like measuring acting performance by number of films or time in a film (when the most well known actor/actresses usually appear in significantly fewer films). (notice I didn't mention measuring revenue to composer or revenue to the film). Any way, if you are measuring just minutes in released films - my 2014 is 7 minutes and 54 seconds in two films. Then I had about 8 minutes or so scored for a film but 7 minutes not used. About 3 minutes for a preview for a film which ran out of money in post, etc. Some other number of minutes of music written for a different film not used. And then there were 4 performances of my works by either jazz ensembles or big bands, for example. And bunch of other orchestral and classical pieces completed but not yet performed (one is being performed by a string orchestra in May). What I am proud of though are two of my IMDB films - Elegantia (which I also coproduced) placed 2nd to Paris at Filmapalooza in March and "Gift Of Grace" which won its competition at the 168 film festival in Sept. in LA. For me, this recognition is more satisfying than minutes scored (especially when Gift Of Grace is showing in 3 more festivals so far in 2015 and gas gone International and is being translated into 10 or more languages).

Shanika Freeman

Well, I do a lot of composing outside of work. Sometimes I release an hour mix here and there, or put out full albums. When it comes to my work, I would say I only log in about 30 minutes . I'm scoring shorts , right now so I hope to increase that number this year. Overall, maybe 2-3 hours of music per year, most of it coming from my own projects, albums etc... I wish I can actually have more jobs, then personal works(or just an even balance)

Matt Milne

I average 1 hour a week, and a minimum of 31 projects a year. What can I say, I love to work. It is of course not how much you do, but what you do. Quality in quantity, that's my mantra.

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