Composing : Composing in the time of Corona Virus by Joanna Karselis

Joanna Karselis

Composing in the time of Corona Virus

Hi everyone,

I'm sure I'm not the only composer who's worried about how the next few months will affect work.

I've been considering how to have a perspective shift on the situation. Rather than thinking, "I don't know when the next film scoring job will come along", instead I'm trying to focus on the positives, like "great, I have a couple of months free to complete the library albums I've been planning for ages".

What will everyone else be working on? Let's try and stay positive and focus on what we can create rather than what we can't control.

Joel Irwin

Being stuck here and unable to write live jazz music for performance (as the school effectively closed down until the fall), I like others wait for the next film opportunity. But my creativity does not stand still. Makes no difference to me whether I have a film or not. I am going virtual - I'm scoring for the next film which will come. Started the opening cue this week. I am not writing independent cues nor writing to a library nor writing to another already released film. I am writing for my next project. I am confident that what I am writing will be an exact fit. And that is that. I'll post it to soundcloud - at least some of it - as I write it.

Joanna Karselis

Interesting approach, Joel. I've never heard of anyone doing that before. Good luck with it!

Linwood Bell

I've lost a little work and I'm sure I'll lose more, but...the band played on.

Tim Maurice

I completely agree with this mindset! I'm taking the time to get organized, updating my template, revamp my website (long overdue), and a few other things. I wanted this to be the year that I finally create something I can sell online (whether it's a class, something for a library, etc), so now this is a good push in that direction.

Joanna Karselis

Sounds like a good plan Tim! I did a massive website revamp in January and it's totally worth investing in some time in. Let us know how you get on with getting organised and pushing towards your goals!

Joel Irwin

Its been very quiet here and as this post suggests we are in unusual times. I normally don't post links to my own work here but I am happy to take feedback as I write and this has all been done in the last week. I would encourage other composers to share their ongoing new work as they are at home - we all need to remain creative. Stage32 still does not allow the sharing here of PDF scores - only pic files which really imho don't cut it for full orchestra scores. You are welcome to just listen or provide just audio feedback or ask me privately for the PDF associated with the posted version. The composing class I go to starts up virtually this week and I am sure the prof always has comments on my stuff (he reviews all my film scores :) ).

The current version (including opening track and cue 2):

And the overall ongoing project with newest stuff on top:

Again, listen to get your creative juices going - score even if you don't currently have a film and let's give each other creative feedback.

David Obaniyi

Yes. I think we should all be really worried trying to write music that's really emotional and serve the project's vision while also worry about the financial risks that come with planning a few months or even the rest of the year down the road. We're in unusual, uncertain, weird times. haha

Donal Rafferty

Hi Joanna Karselis - yes like you I'm focusing on library music but aiming to complete my first (of many I hope!) exclusive album which I plan on 'pitching' to libraries. Just generally trying to maintain the mindset of "making hay while the sun shines" :)

Nadia Cripps

I too believe in positive thinking. Keeping creating music is one way of making this thought materialize. I upload my new pieces on Bandcamp and Youtube and I hope one day my music will be in movies. Hopes are positive too :) Wishing everyone to stay safe and stay creative. Music unites people. Gives them hope...

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