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Samuel Estes

Composition Resources Thread

On the suggestion of RB, I thought I'd start a composer resources thread. I know most of these are known but it'd be nice to see what other resources are out there from this community. I'll kick it off: - Virtual Instruments - Plugin and other software - Pod and Web-cast about Film and Video Game Composition - some tutorials and music contracting and other services - great orchestration blog - online film music magazine - video game music network - online mag on scoring continue....?

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KVR Audio Software: VST, Audio Units, AAX, Instruments and Effects Plugins
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Joel Irwin

If you are looking to get your music possibly picked up and used in a film - If you really want to learn from the 'masters' - you need to be able to read and study many of these scores. I am currently looking at (and listening to) the Ravel full orchestra arrangement of "Pictures At An Exhibition":

Joel Irwin

How two of the best books in the field - a must read for all: 1. Richard Davis: Complete Guide To Film Scoring 2. Richard Bellis: The Emerging Film Composer

Ambrose Freeman-Toole I already posted this on my wall, but I found it to be a useful bit of theory to generate some new ideas.

Ambrose Freeman-Toole This is also a good one if you want to enter competitions.

Alessandro Ponti This is a wonderful book which lets you develop different musical skills in an easy-to-follow but rich way. It's a valuable resource.

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