Composing : Feelings and perceptions on compositions as they relate to various personalities by Alessandro Marafioti

Alessandro Marafioti

Feelings and perceptions on compositions as they relate to various personalities

Was wondering if we can start an experiment . A focus group who listens to each other compositions and answers these following questions : how does it make you feel ? what you see in it ? Does it take you anywere, if so were ? All these can be described by " one word" and expand on it if you like. Perhaps we can start this with listening to our uploads on our pages and follow up in comments . I'm hoping the idea will expand and get An official section started on the site. The object is to learn feelings and perceptions and how they relate to individual personalities. Not againts, but different then a full professional critique, more in line with marketing and demographic research. I started doing this with a few song with the help of my daughters and I was amazed by the different responses . lol . On one of my compositions " teleportation" , my daugher told me , she felt scared ( happy face ) , she is still waiting to answer the other questions .lol she sweet 17. I figure to put this out there and try it out since I can't hire a marketing company and I just dont have the time to ask as many people as I would like . Again I listed those three questions , i'm sure we can come up with more. If your interested please share any ideas and help me out , thank you for reading . Regards, Alessandro Marafioti.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

I love this idea...

Alessandro Marafioti

Thanks Brandy and thank you so much for sharing your story . I read it allot for motivation and inspiration.

Kevin Bullas

Love this!

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