Composing : Having problems with Demo Reels? by Samuel Estes

Samuel Estes

Having problems with Demo Reels?

My friend, Sam Hulick (who is an amazing video game composer btw RE: Mass Effect) is in the middle of designing this amazing tool for composers. It's called ReelCrafter. What it does, is allows you to upload all your music to a site, edit it down (including with video), and craft reels together that you send to clients. Then you can do metrics on what pieces get skipped, how long they listen, and even if they OPENED IT!!! ;) It's not out yet, and I'll be highlighting it shortly when it does, but keep it on your radar!

No matter what type of audio you produce-creative compositions, passionate performances, or masterful mixes-send stunning demo reels every time with ReelCrafter. Use your logo, video, images, and biog…
Christof Davis

This is a fantastic idea! Good on Sam for coming up with it! :-)

Tobias Jäck

Amazing! I just subscribed to the notification letter :)

Tim Maurice

That's an awesome idea!

Kevin Bullas

This sounds amaaaazing!

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