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Joanna Karselis

Hollywood Misconduct

If anyone hasn't seen this yet, this really fantastic article digs into some of the experiences of female composers in Hollywood. Would love to hear what people make of this.

The Hollywood crisis #MeToo missed: 'Every female composer has been through it'
The Hollywood crisis #MeToo missed: 'Every female composer has been through it'
n the wake of the #MeToo movement that toppled Harvey Weinstein and made the entertainment industry tremble, an up-and-coming musician named Nomi Abadi vowed to expose one of Hollywood's last dirty se…
Shellie Schmals

Hi Joanna Karselis - thank you for sharing this article! Unfortunately, it's not at all surprising that his occurs. There are some resources out there like Women in Film Los Angeles, who has a support system set up for women in the industry who have been harassed >>

For all people >> If you ever find yourself in an unsafe situation and need support, please do not hesitate to email me at community@stage32 - I will help you find resources to listen, aid, and advocate for you!

Joanna Karselis

Thanks for the extra resources Shellie. Fantastic advice and proactive attitude.

For composers in particular, Nomi Abadi who is mentioned in the article has set up the Female Composer Safety League. This is an invaluable group. More details on them are here.

There's also the Alliance Of Women Film Composers (, and for those of us in the UK affected by our interactions with composers and directors in Hollywood (something I have had personal experience with over the years- it does hurt people both sides of the pond), there's also WFTV UK and Help Musicians

My DMs are also always open if anyone ever wants to talk about any of their experiences privately.

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