Composing : I'm looking for a new online music platform! by Federico Aletta

Federico Aletta

I'm looking for a new online music platform!

Hey everyone! Does anyone know of a platform other than soundcloud, where you can publish and promote original music for movies? thank you

Sandra Robs It's not a platform but you may get some answers. there's another group online -

Joel Irwin

There are two types of music - scores and commercial published (generally vocals). There are sites filmmakers and studios go to for the commercial stuff. I like a site with no cost up front that handles all the licensing (sync and master use), has a powerful search engine to find stuff and splits the royalties/income. There are a few but I park my vocal music at

Federico Aletta

Thank you very much for the info. I'm going to check them out!

Vedant Namdev Dighe

This is a startup website called 'RedVilla'. If you are looking to sell your music to the broader Digital Marketplace category, RedVilla can be the best for you. You sell your music by signing up as a vendor.

Mark Deuce

Spotify? Federico Aletta

Federico Aletta

Yes, I also use Spotify

Federico Aletta

Thank you Vedant! I'll check it out !

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