Composing : Influences outside of the norm... by Bruce Bray

Bruce Bray

Influences outside of the norm...

You know, I think we are all influenced by classical and film composers alike. Whether it be Mozart or Hans Zimmer, we have all followed and listened to the masters. I was just curious if anyone has any influences outside of the norm. I know for myself for example, I have many influences from Progressive Rock for example. A lot of times when I am creating music, I find myself subconsciously thinking of some progressive piece from RUSH, or maybe those awesome twin guitars from QUEEN. I think it can lead to some interesting new ways of creating music for media. Anyways, I was just curious if anyone else does the same.

Joel Irwin

Why are you restricting yourself to any genre at all? I can only speak for myself when I say that classical and film score helps for the knowledge of composing and arranging but is definitely not the only thing that influences my music and my 'sound'. You are right - Rush and Queen and any pop music can be influences. But a film does not have to be a 'period' film to be influenced by pop music from any area or good 'sound' or composing from any 'master. For example, some people consider "Duke Ellington" one of the top composers of the 20th century or perhaps the Gershwins or Cole Porter. Or how about music from early 20th century New Orleans or perhaps for that matter Cajun music or Island music from the Carribean. Aside from Louis Armstrong airport in New Orleans, one of the major airports named after a composer/musician is for Antonio Carlos Jobim (Rio in Brazil) and Bossa's creep into my music. Or how about religious church music or native / ethnic music whether it be Klezmer or Native American. And that was just the first two minutes of thinking of my influences! :) If you listen to my demo CD, it is not just orchestral or film - but includs Christmas, Broadway, small ensemble jazz, church, heck even Scott Joplin can be an influence - I even include a 'rag' I wrote for a dog rescue organization funding effort :) (

Timothy Andrew Edwards

For me, all music has an influence, wanted or not. The real thing to consider is the overall feel of the film and (specifically) the scene you are scoring.

Dara Taylor

I don't know if this counts as "outside the norm" but I've always been influenced by Stephen Sondheim. Perhaps because "Into the Woods" was the first body of work I really, really loved back in high school. I love his motivic and harmonic structure.

Bruce Bray

Yeah, I was just saying that I have influences. I'm not restricted by any genre. But I obviously have certain musical individuals that influence me heavily because I found them to be more compelling than others. Especially artists like Rush, Queen, Jeff Beck (I could go on and on an on). And I was just curious who some others influences that aren't cinematic or classical are.

Timothy Andrew Edwards

Too many to list! :-)

Brian Gaber

I agree with you Timothy. Listening is the important thing, no matter what you listen to. The more varied the better.

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