Composing : Is there anybody out there? by Andy Carney

Andy Carney

Is there anybody out there?

It's so frustrating when you respond to a Casting Call for a composer (not this site) and all you get back is ..............silence. Nothing, not even an acknowledgement. So unprofessional. (could be my aftershave?)

Christof Davis

Andy, I feel your pain! Feels like for every 100 jobs you apply for you might get 1 person have the courtesy to reply with even a "thanks but no thanks". I once called out a director/producer on this after applying for a role on his film, hearing nothing and then seeing him moaning on Social Media about film festivals not acknowledging him sending his film.... Stay positive! Chris

Andy Carney

You're right Brandi. Perhaps No means "Next Opportunity".

Maroun Rached

Silence is actually better than a polite "no": it might mean he is still considering buying your material. You could send him a little reminder after one month. Best of luck,

Andy Carney

Actually this was at the Casting Call stage, so not even got to the submission stage.

Andy Carney

Great anecdote Jim!

Mike Hall

Jim, I actually get asked if I know of any good sites where they can download free royalty free music. Are you kidding me!?

Gerard Benedict

Looks like its a global problem...we get it too, here in Malaysia...

Joel Irwin

Well... its easier to get a short. Thu night someone posted on Facebook they were needing all sorts of help for their short and it had to be turned in yesterday. I responded I already had scored a zombie movie and they hired me that night. Not much time to score. I started 10 am on Sun and finished it 630am on Mon. I didn't do it for money - wanted the practice of scoring 3m22s full orchestra in about 10 to 12 hours including an all-nighter. Also wanted to help out a starting off single mom whose 7 year old made her first film for a competition. These scores need not be 'perfect' - just have to get into the ballpark. Also as a wedding videographer, I took the MP4 of the final version of the film from the editor, authored it for blu-ray and dvds and burnt them 3 of each with menus and labels printed directly on the media. All I asked in return is that she create an IMDB entry and credit all the actors and crew. This is my 5th short film since the beginning of the summer. Score is at:

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