Composing : Knock - knock... by Camilla Giordano

Camilla Giordano

Knock - knock...

Hi everyone! I'm a violinist and I recently started a solo project. So... I'm looking for people that do the same thing, so we can talk about and learn more, from different points of view. :)

Joel Irwin

what exactly do you mean by 'do the same thing' - you looking for people to collaborate on the writing of new material, performing on new material or both? where do you enivision this taking place?

Rich Terdoslavich

Hi, Camilla. My name is Rich. Currently working on recording and working with drum loops. Pro Tools sessions or acoustic demos. Enjoying it, nothing to sweat about. Lots of luck on your project. Stay safe.

Karen E Ross

Hey, Camilla Giordano! Congrats on the solo project! You can also search for members based on their title, so that could be a way to find people and reach out:

Kerry Kennard

Hi Camilla, I’m working on funding for my Jazz Project. So. Here’s the link to listen to some instrumentals and read about it. Could you share with others or possibly Donate a few dollars. i.e. $1-10? I will help the overall project; all funds go towards what is listed within the link. It’s been a 5 year growing process as well writing and having good MIDI mockups. Have a great weekend- thank you for your time. Sincerely, Kerry Kennard

Karl Brunig

Find a few other comp players, like guitar, piano, or synth. Record some of your melodies and share with them. It's a great way to brainstorm and expand your mind. You can email me some Mp3 files and I will add a basic track or two. Remember, this is not a recording session, just brainstorming.

Karl Brunig

Camilla, just listened to "Tide" The guitar work fit well with your melodies. What kind of direction are you moving in for your new project? What kind of vibe?

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