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Samuel Estes

Michael Mann On Picking a Composer

Michael Mann is an example of a director who is more concerned with the artistic development of a film, vs loyalty with just one composer:

How Do Directors Pick Composers to Score Their Films?
How Do Directors Pick Composers to Score Their Films?
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Bruce Bray

That's an interesting article. And certainly not a new notion depending upon the individual. Some people like to be highly active in all aspects of their films. And that's great. I also think it's pretty great when you have a duo that works well together. Tim Burton and Danny Elfman really show how it's done when two creative geniuses work together and have common vision. Every instance of those soundtracks have always worn well with the film they are supporting. Obviously, there's no certain right or wrong way. Whatever works for the individual.

Tomasz Mieczkowski

I certainly can see pros and cons to this. When one of my clients reaches out to me to build a Joomla or a Wordpress website - I tell them to go elsewhere, not because I can't do it, but because there are people who specialize in it. I can see though how composers may want to create something regardless of whether they feel they have an expertise in the field or not. On the other hand - if you have a tried relationship that works and you know you can rely on it, why break it?

Scott W. Hallgren

Not sure I can get with Mann's interpretation - if it's "like casting", you find the one person you want for the role. His explanation would have him swap out Chris Hemsworth for Brad Pitt in different scenes of the movie. While Mann is entitled to work however he likes (and his track record I think is either brilliant or banal, depending) I worry that directors like him are (and have been) undermining the role of the film composer for a while now because of their own inability to communicate well. I would argue that there's a very significant reason Sam Mendes, Steven Spielberg, Tim Burton, Sergio Leone, Bob Zemeckis, The Coen Brothers, and others have only worked with one composer in their careers.

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