Composing : Music or Promotion? by Joel Irwin

Joel Irwin

Music or Promotion?

A couple of weeks back the admin moved one of my posts to the 'promotion' lounge. I understood the logic in that case, but my interest was in a topic associated with my music and not specifically just to get people to watch a video with my score in it. It is a very 'fine line'. So with the recent posts here of fellow composers just posting their works without any further discussion, I am going to go perhaps a little 'controversial' here and ask what the guidelines really are. My personal opinion/position, is anything musical should be left here since people go to the promotion lounge to promote and look at whole films and not specifically to concentrate on any one position/part of the film. In other words, music people or people looking for music hang out here and not in promotion. But I can see the 'argument' for the other side.

Samuel Estes

We want to encourage composers to post their "new works" here for review or criticism. Ultimately this is a place for education and to plug-in from beginners, to students, to amateurs, to pros. It's always nice to share what you are working on and engage in how to make our overall craft better. The occasional post of "hey check out what I'm working on" is fine in moderation (I think I've only posted once or twice something of that capacity, that I thought would be of interest to the community, and I always run it past the other moderators), and like Brandi said, that's what we are looking for. If you ever have any question or need some feedback on a post you think is questionable, you can always run it by us first. We don't ever want this to be a place where you feel scared, or uncomfortable to post. This is a place for us all to get better at our craft. As a general rule of thumb if you are showing an example from your own life (like your Check Your Ego Post) that was perfect, but if you are showing examples on how to do something, try to put work that's not your own, or at least supplement with other's work that you want to compare to, to spark discussion, otherwise it comes across as self-promotion when you are only comparing to your own work. For example "I had this scene that was out of my "element", I did X and Y, because I got the idea from X composer's score on X film, and the director mentioned this and that. So I used the tempo like this, hit that point there, etc... Here's the result from that X film i referenced and the film I worked on, THEN ask "what can I do better? what did I miss? what does the S32 lounge think?"

Joel Irwin

Good job guys and thanks for volunteering to admin. I have been here quite a long time and never saw any discussion or 'guidelines'. This makes it much more definitive for current and future posters.

Shawn Speake

Just stopping by to say, hi! What's good!

Elisabeth Meier

Good to know. Thanks for sharing that problem.

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