Composing : Musical Director Collaboration by Troy Brown

Troy Brown

Musical Director Collaboration

Hi new to Stage32 so still learning how to navigate the site. I am looking for a composer / musical director who would be interested in collaborating on a new musical. I have a great idea / story but unfortunately have zero skills when it comes to composing music. Anyone interested in meeting up to discuss in London please message me. Thanks

Beth Fox Heisinger

Hi Troy. Perhaps post on the Jobs board: That's where members post various "want ads" or searches for creative partners, paid or not paid. Or engage with the community; join the many conversations, offer advice, network and build relationships. You could also utilize the Connect feature and search our membership by location/occupation—reach out to someone in particular. I hope that helps! Best to you! :)

Troy Brown

Thanks for the help Beth.... Still learning the ropes here on Stage 32 so appreciate any tips. All the best to you as well

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