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Ambrose Freeman-Toole

Musical income

Hey guys and gals, How do you supplement your composing income? Licensing music, teaching, audio/sound design?

Joel Irwin

I want to stay connected to the film industry. Since composing is in "post", I want to keep abreast of what is done in the production end, so I have been a wedding videographer since 2009. I shoot 20 to 25 weddings 'documentary' style for two reasons - (a) its faster, I can do it solo (with two unmanned cameras), and so there is less of a chance a wedding will interfere with scoring and (b) i know dp's who are also in the wedding biz and I don't want to compete against them. I do most of my advertising on where I have been chosen by the brides "Best of Weddings" for the last 5 years. Also as a videographer, I get to record concerts. In fact, I have been known to offer free videography in exchange for the performers playing my compositions, charts, songs. One of my pieces was originally commisioned for a dance recital (a client I was on retainer for as a videographer). The piece, "Elegantia" was later used as the basis for a film, and it has been my most awarded film in the last three years - it won a Houston competition (8 awards) and then competed for Houston internationally and placed 2nd to Paris (4 more awards) (

Adam Ritchie

I do instrumental teaching at schools/colleges most days for regular income. Compose and sound design in the evening/days off.

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