Introduce Yourself : New Composer for Hire by Anthony Fertino

Anthony Fertino

New Composer for Hire

Hello Stage32! I've been a screenwriter for three years, but I've been making music for Six years now and I'm trying my hand as a rookie composer for very affordable hire. If you're interested, you can simply search "Dynamic Film Scores" over on YouTube, where I've made two samples. It may be a side endeavor for me, but I am very passionate about music and composition, and ideally, my work will show that. I'm personally interested mainly in Suspense, Horror, Science-Fiction, and Dramas; of any length, including Student films. Thanks for your time reading that mouthful, everyone; this has proven to be a very warm and welcoming community. Best of luck in all your own efforts!

Joel Irwin

Good to hear you 'toot your horn' (pun intended as you play trumpet! :) Firstly, if you both a screenwriter and composer - list them both here on Stage32 and also supply some audio/video files in your profile. Finally, people are inherently lazy - why make them search in Youtube for things - just give us links to click on. I did listen to both your tracks. There are many paths to composing careers and in my opinion all music is a legitimate expression. Now you have not asked for any feedback but I will make two very general suggestions - (1) get formal training (such as at a college or a community college as I have for the last 12 years) and then learn what rules to use and which ones to break and (2) start upgrading your toolset with more advanced software and instrument samples. Welcome to the composing ranks where there are no such things as rookies :)

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