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Marlene Sosebee

New Song for Films

Joel Irwin

Pre-recorded commercial music, especially this type of music, is the genre most likely to get picked up and licensed by studios, tv shows, indie filmmakers, etc. There are many different approaches and websites who can represent you on getting 'connected' with your film & tv customers. Some make you pay to get represented and others act as a non-exclusive publisher giving you the customary 1/2 of the license but don't charge up front. A large variety of options.... Here are two for example of the different approaches if you have not tried them. One is and another is I have some music on the later but have yet to receive any money from licensing.

Charles G. Masi

Hey girl, I like your style! I'm always looking for original music for my video projects. A couple you might be interested in getting involved with are my how-to series Bike Shop! [ ] and a feature I'm trying to get going, which you can check out on my Stage 32 page. I'm looking to produce a 25-short from scenes culled from the feature script for a festival and distribution by VOD. Your music has the feel I want for all these projects. Contact me by email at

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